Is Creativity Needed for Data Visualization?

Creativity is Not a Necessity

Creativity is NOT a necessity when creating a page to present data. The most important factor when presenting data is that you have the correct data with the correct ranges for the time period. This skill does not require being creative, but just being knowledgable on what you are doing. If you do not have the proper data and correct ranges then it does not matter how creative you are. This is because the data will then be irrelevant to whoever the audience is.

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Creativity Can Help Enhance

Although some people may not be the most creative, there are preset themes that help a person with their creativity. Adding colors and images/charts to a page it will help make the data more visually pleasing for the audience to view. Compared to a bland page that may lose its audiences attention, a colorful page can help keep the audience engaged. “A study from the University of Minnesota found that the use of color in presentation and reporting materials enhances audience decision making.” (Quantified) So not only does creativity with colors help keep the audience engaged, but also could help sway them in making a decision. But remember to keep the colors simple, making it too complex will distract viewers from the data.

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