How Behavior Metrics can Improve your Content Strategy

Suggestions for Building your Content Strategy

Content is the most important part of any organization or website. Without meaningful content, your website will have minimal user interaction. But, content that is applicable, relatable and current can be a challenge. Additionally, content creation that is SEO-focused can be a challenge. The blog post by Kameron Jenkins, “How to Write an SEO-Focused Content Brief Your Writers Will Love” discusses strategies for developing a content strategy that involves an SEO focus. The first suggestion she gives is for primary query target and intent. This involves finding keywords that are relevant to the target audience and focusing on them for your content strategy. Keywords help to get a good sense of what your users are organically searching. By using a program like Google Search Console, you can easily find many keywords that are relevant to your content. Marketers can also use Google Analytics to analyze behavior metrics of their users.

Behavior Metrics + SEO = The Perfect Content Strategy

Marketers can use behavior metrics in tandem with the strategies described in Jenkins’ article to develop an SEO-focused content strategy. For instance, clicks show user behavior, interest and potential intent. Behavior reports show how users interact with your website, and what interests them. We can analyze behavior metrics to show the average time that users spend on a page. As well as, unique pageviews. Marketers that are interested in optimizing ROI can use behavior reports, like clicks or pageviews, to analyze primary query targets. A good content strategy will involve a combination of SEO-focused research and behavior metrics. Overall, it is important to effectively use SEO-focused strategies and behavior reports to develop a content strategy that will keep users engaged with your website. The goal for any marketing team is to keep users interested with your content, and increase interaction.

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