Behavior Reports Vs. Content Strategy

What are behavior reports? They are a way for you to check in on how well your website, brand, or advertisement is doing. This is very important to see what is working and what might need improvement. Some important things to be looking at are click-through rate, impressions, and keywords. Clicks are the most important in my opinion. This is because it shows what information is causing traffic and where people are coming to your website from. This can also show you what information people are taking the time to look into.

According to Samuel Mangialavori and his blog post “ How to Detect and Improve Underperforming Content: A Guide to Optimization” in order to improve your content you need to find what is underperforming and why. He referred in his blog to google search counsel which we have used in class. This is a very smart way to see not only the impressions but the clicks your blog got as well. He also mentioned a few things to look for before publishing content which are the following: “Is the core part of my content visible? Are internal links visible to Google? Can Google access other key elements of the page?”

So, as we can see it is very important to know how your content is doing as well as how you can improve it. Take the time before you hit publish. Do your research on sites such as google counsel as well as doing your last-minute checks on your content.

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