How behavior reports affect content strategy?

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Using google posts to build a content strategy

Building content is a vital part of any online platform or organization. Having valuable content allows you to have a large amount of user interaction on whatever platform you are on. An effective way to help strengthen your content strategy is by using google posts. The blog post by Greg Gifford titled “Google posts: conversion factor- not ranking factor” discusses the uses of google posts and goes more in-depth about the primary tool within google posts known as “Google My Business”. Using Google posts is an effective way for businesses and other organizations to advertise their content for free. In terms of the Google My business aspect, “They help your business attract potential customers and stand out from other local competitors. More importantly, they can drive pre-site conversions”. When using google posts Gifford also gives some helpful tips and things to avoid. The first is to avoid what’s considered “no-no words”. What this means is not using words that could have a sexual connotation to them. The next tip is to use an enticing thumbnail. When a user is scrolling around a site, an enticing thumbnail can be the difference between getting user interaction and not getting any. The last tip is to enable UTM tracking. By enabling this you are able to observe which posts generated more interaction which can allow you to concentrate more on one area of advertising than the other.

Google Posts+ SEO’s

When using google posts it’s a very simplistic yet effective approach to advertising online. When Google my Business was created it allowed companies to advertise in a very simple way. Why was this so simple though? Thank the use of google organic search this means that the advertisements are free. This allows companies to advertise with little to no risk on the online platform. What I mean by this is if someone looks up a specific company it will show basic information such as reviews, hours of operation, address, and other related promotions that the company could potentially be having; all this basically for free. Enabling google posts with the use of SEO’s allows for the advertisers to gain an edge in this competitive market.

Google Posts: Conversion Factor — Not Ranking Factor – Moz

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