How Behavior Reports Will Help You With Content Strategies

Behavior Reports

Behavior Reports are functions within Google Analytics that help your website track users activities on your site. Four behavior reports that are worth taking a look at to follow user behaviors are Site Search, Event Tracking, Content Grouping and Experiments. Site Searching allows you to see what your users used during their time on your website which is useful to know because you can see what key words they used and how effective they were on your website. Event tracking is following certain events and the activity is caused throughout your site. Some events worth tracking are downloads, clicks and video plays. Content Grouping is partnering contents together by categories that help you track content for particular groups. For example, with Content Grouping you can categorize groups such as age, gender and location. More groups can be created those are just examples. Lastly, Experiments allow you to run tests on certain Analytic’s functions to see if they are useful to your website. According to the website below Experiments have been discontinued in Google Analytics as of August, 2019. For further information on what Behavior Reports are and how to use them check out the link below.

Understanding Content Marketing

According to chapter one of the article listed below this paragraph, “content is king”. Content marketing is collecting the data of site users activity and advertise products of the same content to those users. They also allow you to see what source they used to get to your website. Some benefits of using content marketing are indirect costumer conversation, brand recognition and respect within the industry. The tools discussed in the paragraph above describe what website owners use and how they use them to improve content marketing. Below is a link to an article about the benefits of content marketing through

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