How Content Strategy Can Be Affected by Behavior Reports

What are Behavior Reports?

When a company looks into growing, they need to look at the areas that they can focus on to expand. They also need to look at what the customers actually like about what they offer and what they don’t like about their content. Behavior reports can provide the company with an opportunity to see what content the customer actually enjoys. Behavior reports provide many different aspects of site data, from unique page views, to the top ten most viewed site URL’s and titles. In addition, Behavior Reports can also be used to make a flow model that can show the most popular ways that a user goes about their website. This can be from their first interaction to their last and anywhere in between, so it can really show where the user is more likely to go on the website. The website can take this report anyway from changing the flow of the website to lead the customers to their desired areas, or they can invest more resources to the areas that are getting more hits than others.

How Behavior Reporting can actually be used in real life

After reading a article by Phil Nottingham, called “Finding Ideas for a Video Series or Podcast”, I can now see how behavior reporting can be used in a common day setting. Making a podcast is easy, but making a podcast that actually reaches a population of viewers is much more difficult. A person looking to make a successful podcast can look at data from Google Search Console or other platforms that track data, to narrow down the list of topics and groups that they would attempt to market to. This could allow the podcast producer to make a well educated decision on what types of podcasts their target audience would be interested in and what types of podcasts that other people outside of the target market would also tune into listen as well. The behavior report might also say that the people that are most likely to enjoy the content produced, might actually enjoy another method of entertainment, say TV. This could then guide the producer to make their idea into a TV show as the behavior report says that the people that view their content are more likely to watch a TV show, then listen to a podcast.

No matter the situation that is present, when a producer of content would like to find a way to grow their business, or just improve the types of content that are produced, Behavior reporting is necessary in that process.

Below is a video on how Behavior Flow Models Work!

This is the link for the article by Phil Nottingham!

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