How Can Event Tracking Help Me?

Have you ever wondered how you can learn more about user interaction on your site? Well, you have come to the right place! In this blog post, I will talk about the importance of event tracking relating to an article written about a synthetic oil company, and them trying to increase blog sessions on their site. The recommendations that I make for this company could be the information that you need to start optimizing your site and effectively using the valuable information already in front of you.

Let’s Evaluate!

The article that I chose to talk about today is one written by Daisy Quaker called, “How We Grew Traffic by 650% in Two Years – Organically.” In the article, she talks about how she helped grow website traffic for her company’s blog. Initially, the blog was getting a couple of thousand sessions a month, but after her and her team’s creative tactics, blog sessions increased to over 100,000 a month in just two years! 

Many of the tactics implemented were very creative and impactful for her organization, but I think that there are more efficient and effective ways to increase monthly sessions. The online tool that I am talking about is event tracking. Later on, I will talk about how event tracking could have helped Daisy achieve even more sessions, possibly even in less time. 

A creative tactic that Daisy implemented within her organization was getting people to volunteer and brainstorm blog topics. The blog that ended up getting written about is the one that they would vote most favorable. Then they used keyword research to help give themselves a little more direction on what messages attract different audiences. I think that this idea is great, but there is a more effective and efficient way of doing this.

Why Not Use Event Tracking?

For Daisy’s organization to increase monthly blog sessions, I would recommend that instead of starting from scratch and coming up with blog ideas, they use the information that is already in front of them. What I mean by this is, implement EVENT TRACKING on your site! With event tracking, you can see how users interact with your site. In Daisy’s case, she would be able to see how people are interacting with her company blogs, which can lead to a lot of insightful and helpful information. What I mean by being able to see user interaction with your site is that event tracking allows you to monitor various activities that users engage in on your site like video plays, scroll depth, button clicks, and so much more. With this tool, you can get an overview of what the user is doing on your site by following their actions. For example, with Daisy’s company blogs, she could see which blogs were more effective than others. If she had tracked scroll depth on her blog, she could have seen which blogs people were reading all the way through, and which ones people were bouncing off of quickly or even just reading the first paragraph and leaving. The blogs that have been read through more than 50% of the way most likely means that the content in that blog contained valuable information for the user. So having this information is important because Daisy and her team no longer need to brainstorm blog ideas with barely any basis to build ideas off of, now they can see what type of blogs topics interest their users, and continue to build off of those ideas, or introduce more related content. 

Check Out Daisy’s Blog Post Below!

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