Repurposing your Top Content Through New Platforms

The Value of Great Content

The most valuable part of any site is the content within it. If your site has no good content for your audience, then you will have no audience. Especially important, is the ability to track what your users like the most. What pages get viewed the most what content groupings are the most popular? To figure these things out you need do use event tracking. Analytics has an event measurement feature that allows you to see how many times a video is viewed or downloaded, or played or paused.

Utilizing Your Great Content

Google Analytics can help you figure out the top traffic pages on your site. Once you know which content is your most liked or viewed you can “refurbish” this content into new platforms. For example, on Brittney Muller explains that if a site has a popular how to article, then it is worth it to take the time and republish it on more platforms like youtube, or make a powerpoint, or even a podcast. These different channels for your content will give the audience more ways of finding the content as well as more ways to enjoy it or consume it.

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