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What is tag manager?

In the online business platform, google provides many tools to help them gain an edge. By allowing them to use certain tools it allows them to understand website data and other necessary steps needed to achieve whatever goal is in sight. A tool that allows the website to do this is google tag manager. By using a google tag manager, it allows for the creation of certain tags on your website. What it will do is track certain events that take place on your website. An event that takes place on your website is simply known as an action that occurs (Scrolling, clicks, and other interactions). Another thing placing tags can do is track specific events that you want to be tracked. A good example of this would be if a user was on your page for thirty minutes. Wow, that’s really good, they’re so invested in my page! That’s what one would think. However, if we use a specific tag to track their scrolling or clicks on the page it would most likely show that they simply are just on an open tab and not actually creating an event on the page at all.

Benefits of tag Manager?

Creating the tags takes four basic steps. The first is building a generic click trigger. Then, it’s the triggering of the event. Next, it’s refining the filter. Finally, we have to connect the tags we have created. By using tag manager there are many benefits for the websites. One benefit is that it’s very simple to use. Because all of the tags are accessible in one area, it allows for all of your tags to be tracked in one place. Another key benefit is the certain troubleshooting tools tag manager has. By using these tools it can make sure your website is running smoothly without any issues this includes aspects like element visibility, DOM ready, Page view, and etc. The final benefit is the ability to use custom templates. Sometimes as a marketer we don’t know how to use the necessary tools on tag manager. Thanks to the custom templates it allows us to use template settings that have been created by other people instead of using certain codes to do it.

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