How to Create a Successful Ad Campaign

Ad campaigning is a very pivotal part of an advertisement/ product and if done right can really boost a brand. The first thing you should think about when planning an ad campaign is what kind of content, and who you are trying to reach with each channel type. With a successful ad campaign, it is also important to have email follow-ups with consumers and potential consumers as well as a call to action. A call to action could include them clicking on your URL or giving an email. Ad campaigns need to stick with your audience and draw them into your brand. If the information is not accessible or you only see it a few times it might turn someone away.  

Another factor that is important for an Ad campaign is building your own URL. We want to build a user-friendly and accessible URL for your advertisement/campaign. This is so when someone clicks on your ad they can be connected to more information about it. This also brings everyone back to one site even if the promotion is on multiple channels (for example Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter). Now your consumer is getting the same information from many places but still has a home base. 

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