Capturing Custom Campaign Parameters

When I think about a specific ad that leaves a strong message I automatically think of Nike. Their tagline “Just Do It” is recognized by millions around the world, as they are one of the most leading activewear companies out there. The post their advertisement on just about every social platform, tv commercials, billboards, etc. They have extremely inclusive apparel, for any body type, gender, race and they don’t exclude anyone. Their models are very diverse and they often run their campaigns based on situations going on in the world, and fights for equality.

Creating a campaign across multiple channels

The first step is setting up auto- tagging. By tagging your destination URLs, google atomically tracks your campaign data. Next up is creating your link, by using the URL builder. After this you need to make sure you only use the variables that you need. Too many variables may make the process confusing, and you can pay for specified keywords that are searched.Lastly, it is important to not send any identifiable information.

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