How to Determine the Best Attribution Model

What is an Attribution Model?

CLICK ME!!!While using Google Analytics you are offered many different models and reports that you can use to track the actions of your consumers. The Attribution Model is the set of rules that controls how a companies sales and conversions happen in their specific conversion paths. Google gives you the tool to see what specific channel led to a consumer purchasing your product. This allows you to see what channels are the most effective and what channels to put your money into and what to focus on moving forward.

Which One Should You Use?

The Attribution Model offers you many different tools to use. One of the most effective is the Last Interaction Model. This shows you the last touch point of the sale or the conversion. It allows you to see the exact channel the consumer used that triggered the conversion. For example, if you were to put an ad on Facebook and someone came to your website from that ad. That allows you to see that the ad is effective and you can put more effort in social media advertising. Another useful tool is the Time Decay Model. This model shows the touch points of the consumer during the closest time to the sale and or the conversion. Having the tools to see what channels are working and what channels are not working can be vital to a companies success, but you can’t be successful if you don’t know which model to use.

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