Integrating SEO and PPC Data

What is SEO and PPC?

A SEO is an organic search where you can track certain aspects of what people are viewing on your website. these are done through Google Analytics, Google ads and Search Console. All are helpful when diagnosing what your costumer is interested in. PPC is where you can find more information about your costumers or website visitors because you pay for the search. this allows you to have more options on how to target your viewers. If you use a PPC your ad will be more likely seen other than a SEO (organic search) because PPC is cost per click. these are used on sites that are more popular so your ad will be seen more.

How to integrate SEO and PPC can be used

We can set up key words in our SEO approach to see the most popular viewed items based on the most used searches throughout the site. This will help your company see which items are being demanded without costing you to pay for an ad. If you were to use a PPC ad you will get more information on the visitors. For example, with PPC you will be able to see the exact time people are viewing your website or ad. Features like this will allow you to strategically place ads on certain sites at certain times to ensure you are getting max potential of views on each ad.

For additional information on the differences of SEO and PPC check out this helpful site!

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