The Value in Search Optimization Tools

Search optimization is among the most important things when you’re trying to get your name out in the marketplace. It is not always easy to reach your users or find where your slice of the pie is. Using the Google Search Console can help to guide marketers in the right direction. Both current and legacy reporting strategies can help to make decisions when it comes to search optimization.

Report Tools Usage

By using the current GSC report tools you are able to get good information on what people are seeing when they search. With performance and coverage reports you are able to look at what search clicks are successful and where you stand among your peers. These current tools have great value in showing where your website stands in the pile of the marketplace and where you can optimize to get a bigger piece of the pie.

Legacy Tool Usage

Legacy tools are still part of the GSC as there aren’t replacements for them yet. The tools available from the past are helpful in improving URL clarity. The clarity with URL optimization and other debugging features can help to make Google crawls better at retrieving your site. International tools are also available for targeting a certain location abroad. These legacy tools have their importance alongside the current tools to help better improve a site’s search optimization.

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