The Power of Creativity in Data Studio

What is Data Studio?

Google’s Data Studio is such a nice and easy service the helps puts data into a more more visual appealing format. Not only does it put all the data into one spot but it can truly bring the data to life and make it easier to understand using graphs and charts. Google does a great job of making to free service one that anyone can use with simple buttons to create graphs and charts using the data you select. It also has help pages for any issues you might come across. With this is mind it is hard to say that it takes a lot of talent or creativity to make a great dashboard. However, the structure and overall look of a page is a lot more important than one may think. For a well put together page, Data Studio might require some creativity.

Is Creativity that important?

Stylizing one’s dashboard in a creative and attention grabbing manner can make a huge difference in how it is received. The data can all be present but if you don’t tell a story using it then your job has not been completed. Your data must interact together to show the importance of each number or graph. Creativity and the ability to put the pieces together in a way that everyone can follow will really help here. A article sharing hints on how to create a better dashboard states, “Creating a dashboard in Data Studio that considers user experience (UX) will make it easier for your audience to understand the data and your viewpoint. If it’s spot on, your client will think better of the value you provide.”

Creativity will also help to make the dashboard look appealing with colors and good placement of the charts and graphs. The design can either grab a person attention or bore them enough to make them lose interest and attention. That is why design is so important. That does not mean that simplicity is your enemy however, as it can be used in a way that is appealing and easy to follow. If you are not creative it is not a problem. Google’s help section walks people through just how to enhance their dashboards with helpful tips such as coloring your reports. Creativity is also something that can be learned so even though it seems so important, it is just another skill to practice to enhance your work.

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