Is Email Marketing Dead?

The Golden Age

The idea of email marketing was very popular in the early to mid 2000’s. With a new way of outreaching content to consumers the click through rate for email marketing saw its highest rate between 2006-2007. Emails brought new techniques to marketing such as providing personalized content, transactional information, the ability to share content, drive consumer action, etc.

What Happened to Email Marketing Click Through Rate?

Now that present time has opened up a wide range of communication through multiple social media sources and different platforms to display marketing, the click through rate for emails has dropped. Why wouldn’t people still want to receive mail at the tip of your fingers? Because email marketing became overwhelmed with the amount of content being sent to consumers. When consumers now have been bombarded with an email from every which way for every bit of information, people will ended up getting frustrated and ignore their emails.

How Does Email Marketing Take A Turn For The Better?

If a company wants to up their emailing game, there are a couple things to focus on before you end up straight into the trash. Personalization is what catches the attention of a consumer. If an email is focused directly on that specific consumer they will pay more attention to it. Marketing pitches should be made under paid advertising techniques, not email marketing. This is where email blasting has almost killed email marketing. Many email blasts lead to about .5-2% of people unsubscribing every email blast they get. They key to fix this problem is creating a targeted email list for certain ads to reduce unwanted email blasting. Creating a target market per email makes consumer mail feel more relevant to their interests. Keeping email marketing focused on personalized content, transactional information, the ability to share content, and drive consumer action, is where emails can still stay alive.

Email Marketing’s Future

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