Is email marketing dead?

Email marketing has been a way for businesses to reach a large audience quickly for a long time.  It allows for the business to reach thousands of customers and clients with special offers and deals at the click of a button.  Using email marketing as a way to connect with customers and clients has slowly been declining, however. 

According to Larry Kim in a video for stukent, .5 up to 2% of people unsubscribe to email messages every time a business sends out an email blast to people subscribed to their emails. Larry Kim also brought up the fact that most people who sign up for an email subscription are aware of the brand and have an affinity for it.  When the consumer receives an email it starts the email cycle.  This consists of purchasing a product, then receiving an email confirming the order, then receiving tracking information for the order, and finally receiving a thank you email from the business.  After all this happens they will likely continue to send coupons and offers to the consumer starting this cycle of emails again.  Even though email marketing may be slowing down, I do not believe that email marketing is dead just yet.

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