Why Emails Are Being Resurrected

Who even reads emails? Within the past few years, new marketing techniques have been introduced that compliment the latest and greatest technology. Meanwhile, companies are asking themselves an important question. Why continue to pursue emails? Emails no longer perform how they used to. It can be hard to justify using them as a marketing tactic when there are so many to choose from. However, email isn’t dead. Instead, email is being reinvented.

Smart Emails Starts Here

Firstly, a big improvement involves display ads. These advertisements are a main source for collecting potential consumer’s emails. Kim mentioned in the video how display ads would be shown on websites. Yet, companies had little to no control over exactly who would see the ad. Now, custom audiences allows companies to have more control. Marketers can ensure that the consumers within their target audiences are shown the ad.

Secondly, the quantity and quality of emails has improved. Marketers no longer send out numerous email blasts a week. Instead, these blasts are limited to important promotions or events. This can also help customers dictate between important and unimportant emails. Every email should benefit the customer in some way. The result is less consumers unsubscribing from the email list.

Lastly, consumers want to be in charge. Marketers have started to actually ask people to be on the email list. When giving consumers an option, they feel more powerful. If a company continuously makes consumers feel trapped, people will stay away from that company. The negative side to this, is that people may give out fake emails. However, this is an easy fix as well. A confirmation email is the solution. After signing up for the promotion, a confirmation email should be sent out before the consumer gets the benefit. Therefore, using a fake email equals no benefit.

Emailing is an easy way to obtain consumers’ information. When used effectively, it is a free way to advertise to your target audience. Don’t discount emails, they are here to stay.

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