Is it ethical to track consumer behavior?

Why do companies track your information?

The main reason behind companies using google analytics to track some characteristics of their consumers is to get a better sense of what their target market are. In that sense, what is it that they are able to track from your cookies online? Companies are able to see your gender, what are you’re from, what type of device you’re using, your age range, etc. And that may sound a little bit weird, but they do not have individual profiles on their consumers. They don’t have your name, number, social security number or anything personal in that sense. They are only using this data to see how they can improve their products to match up with their target market. If you feel like its a violation of your privacy, you do have the choice to refuse a company using cookies.

The European Union wants to stop browser cookie pop-ups | KitGuru

My Opinion

When you first hear that a company is able to learn things about you, it may seem a little bit weird at first. When I first heard this, I was a little troubled by it myself. But when I started to become more educated on the topic, I realized they are not taking away information about you that is personal. All they are doing is trying make sure their company is successful, and make sure they can keep up with the market. So in that sense, I would say it is ethical.

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