Is Tracking User Data Online Unethical?

This has been an argument for a very long time. Since the technology was created, companies have been tracking user data online. This results in a demographic profiling of users which allows advertisers to customize content so it is relevant to their experience. This has been widely viewed as unethical because users don’t know when or where they’re being monitored, or what the information is used for.

Tracking Cookies across the web

How can tracking data be ethical?

I believe that in its current state, online information gathering is unethical. Users don’t have enough information and in most instances, aren’t given an option to make an informed decision. Each user should be able to control when and where there data is being collected, and whether they consent to the use of that data in online profiling and tracking. The key thing here is user consent. I believe that people should have control over what happens to their data online.

That being said, it can be useful to allow some websites and companies to track your data. When shopping online, it can allow retailers to show you products you’ll be more interested in, so you spend less time searching. So long as users are given proper information and options, I think tracking user data can be ethical.

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