Targeting with Audience Information

This is very relevant because this happens to everyone including myself. This is derived from the patterns that the consumer has a habit of doing. Using myself as an example, since I am a big fan of buying/selling cards on TCGplayer, their are many ads that I receive from this website and because I am on that website so frequently They have me as an active user on their site by asking for my email and other credentials so they can send me more information on their site. By using the target audiences patterns to your advantage you can send them information that is in a similar realm as the things that they are interested in. Because I’m interested in cards, ads for other games or anime and other cartoon related media is sent through my ads, feed, and email when it comes to my social media. The data collected there are due to my interests in those topics and their is an algorithm that is set up to send me products or interests that would lead me to click on other sites and become an active user on other sites and they get paid for each page per click I decide to go through. The pattern may be different from person to person by the algorithm is set up the same for each person depending on what their more consistent search history topics tend to be.

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