Which is better: Organic or Paid Search?

SEO vs. PPC…

When creating a marketing campaign often times you have to decide if you are going to go the organic route (SEO) or have paid advertisements (PPC). Now, ‘which is better’ is actually highly subjective; as with most things when it comes to the field of marketing – we always have to be able to adapt and make our plans work for the different scenarios that we find ourselves in for our places of work. Say if your company is launching a new product, and the company itself is still somewhat in its infancy – then you should absolutely be using PPC or paid advertisements. But, if that same company is looking to grow their reach and awareness over a longer period of time – then I would recommend focusing some time on your organic or SEO approach. But these don’t have to be mutually exclusive ‘search’ approaches, in fact – they actually work best when one applies both SEO and PPC into their marketing strategies; both offer valuable benefits and rewards to marketers.

The Perfect Union – SEO & PPC…

As I’ve stated briefly, SEO and PPC both have their pros and cons respectively – but when you utilize both in your approach, this is where the magic really begins to happen. SEO is great for when a company is trying to play the ‘long game’ and drive traffic over a longer period of time. While PPC is beneficial due to its way in which you will see traffic and results in a much shorter time period. Having a mix of both SEO and PPC will help to not only to give you that short and upfront traffic and data, but also help to build that longform approach and your brand’s growth over time. This excerpt from an article helps to support these ideas of SEO and PPC integration, “This effectively allows sites to gain double the exposure they would if only one of these strategies were employed, thereby increasing the chances that the user will click-through to the brand’s site” (Dod, 2020). This excerpt clearly illustrates that, when SEO and PPC are used together – they can be incredibly effective at driving traffic to your website and improving a company’s marketing strategy, whilst delivering more data for analysis.

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