Leading You Towards Success

Determining Your Score Model

There are many types of score models to choose from and its up to you to determine which one you think would be most effective for your company. For example if you were looking at selling to a specific demographic like pacemakers for the elderly then areas with a larger population of the demographic 65+ would be more beneficial and you would give it a higher score than that of a lower age. Another key scoring system in a day and age where everything can be automatic is a spam detection scoring system where it picks up on certain traits of spam and gives them a much lower score saying don’t go after these leads unless you have nothing else to do.using these techniques can help to prioritize more important leads and make your decisions more effective.

Using Score Models to Map a Customers Journey

Once you have identified which model you think would be best its time to determine the the journey your customers will take. There are many different selling models like the first interaction where a lot of your focus goes into getting the customer in a intriguing them right off the bat. Theres also the last interaction model where you focus on the last point where they decide to buy the product and you want to make sure you lock in their buy so you put the most focus to that part. There are also certain touch points to keep in mind of along the way some of these are social media reviews, customer service, and follow up reviews. Mapping out your customers journey will help to figure out where you can be more efficient and help your customers go from end to end in the buying process.



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