Paid Ads vs. Organic Search

Search engines and media channels, Facebook and Instagram for example, are constantly changing their algorithms to push these “boosts” or paid advertisements and increase their profits. With tech developments like this websites need to understand and utilize both paid and organic traffic to be successful. Neither of these options is proven to be enough on their own and must instead, complement each other.

Teamwork makes the Dreamwork

SEO is the most budget-friendly way to increase visibility and is also extremely sustainable, even for smaller companies. SEO is the process of optimizing your website through keywords, links, meta descriptions, ect, to create an organic flow of traffic. By getting your site to a top-tier ranking you can drastically improve your viewers. On the downside, perfecting your SEO isn’t a simple process. You have to be somewhat of a pro to be successful and gain this high ranking. PPC ads are the fastest, easiest, way to increase your traffic. This process requires you to pay for your audience to see your site. While this may be efficient it’s not always budget-friendly. Along with this being expensive it also promotes your site as an ad which can sometimes deter customers.

Putting the two together is the best way to extend your budget and increase your traffic. This dual approach allows you to target consumers of all aspects and retarget them through cookies and paid ads. Overall, each can “survive” on its own, however, websites and companies will have more opportunities to thrive when they’re used together.

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