Paid vs Free Ads


Both organic searches and paid ads are part of the process on how your consumers reach your goal. When starting a campaign you have a budget that can be spread out evenly, divided based on thought of importance, or going all in on a specific aspect. Obviously, this depends on the type of campaign and your overall goals to attract your audience. Organic clicks are obviously free and PPC are not. However, the benefit to PPC is you can instantly grow and have the keywords you want to use that will pull up your website when searched. With this, it is competitive and cost money. SEO or free keywords will take longer to get to the top and noticed, which will decrease the chance for growth.

Lets Blend them Together

SEO and PPC are two different approaches to advertising your company and increasing clicks, leading to an increase in traffic. More traffic means growth and more money. A new company usually has a small budget, especially to spend on ads. Even thought it’s the most important. Most likely, your top keywords are going to be taken by other companies in your industry. So instead of spending a good chunk of your budget on the a just the top keywords. You can spend a good chunk on a couple then go the SEO route for the smaller key words.

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