Paid Ads vs Organic Search

SEO has to do with ranking the organic search results from a search engine while PPC is related to paid advertising. There are pros and cons of each of these strategies when it comes to promoting growth in a business. Companies have to ask themselves if it is more beneficial for them to buy their way into advertising or should they just rely on organic searches. The pros associated with the SEO is that it is cost effective (free) and is much more stable. On the other hand, it is time consuming and it is competitive market. The benefits of PPC are its instant results and immediate visuals to the searcher. Cons include that it costs the business money for every click and once the ads stop, so does traffic.

How they can work together

Right off the bat it is “almost impossible to choose between SEO and PPC.” When we look at shopping ads we see a mixture of PPC and SEO. People that use an organic search to find a product tend to feel more confident with their search because they trust it. After that a business can use PPC ads with these same users because they already have shown an interest in the business.

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