Paid vs Organic Searching. How they can benefit your business.

One doesn’t necessarily have to be better than the other.

When it comes to views on your site some people may think that one campaign is better than the other. In all reality though, a combination is the best way to go. There are two common campaign formats, paid searches and organic searches. One you pay to have your ad be displayed somewhere for X amount of time while the other people search your business up naturally. Both sites provide significant data so by using that data you can improve the use of each campaign.

So what data can we compare?

Both organic searching and paid searching value the use of keywords. This is a good thing for business owners like yourself to constantly keep an eye on. Keywords that you immediately associate with your brand should always be at the top of your SEO report, but if they aren’t you can use the paid search to try and increase those results. A keyword is a keyword, it is a great piece of data to analyze no matter the setting. There is one hiccup though when it comes to keywords and that is branding. Those who choose to brand their keywords may monopolize search results, so you may have to be creative and focus on words that people will remember and also associate them with your business. The use of paid searches can really help in this case because otherwise your site may not come up at all. But if you rely only on one campaign you could get no where. As a business owner you also have the choice to brand your own keyword but unless you are rapidly growing company then that is a step I would skip for right now.

Get to it!

As a business owner who has already learned how to use SEO reports, the next logical step would be to get started on a paid campaign. The benefit they can bring to your existing reports are very significant. Starting with something even small like keywords is a good place to start because you want to make sure you are on the same track as the consumer. You’re here to help the consumer so you just have to make sure you make it to them.

For further way to integrate your campaigns together, these links offer other great tips.

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