Self Promotion on Social Media is Authentic

Social media is always changing and evolving. As a result, this can make it a tricky marketing channel to utilize successfully. However, if done right, it can draw in a lot of consumers to your brand.Try some self promotion.

Self Promotion is Good!

Companies may struggle with one question: should I self promote? The answer is yes. This is because consumers want to see a brand that believes in their own product. Self promotion can be a great way to show the “why” of the company. This is the entire reason that a company exists. For example, the make-up industry is one of the hardest to succeed in and show authenticity. This is due to the constant photoshop, editing, and paid sponsorships utilized in their ads. Therefore, the ones that make it to the top are the ones who truly believe they are putting out the best products. And how do consumers know that company has the best products? Through authenticity.

Successful Self Promotion

An example of self-promotion done right is Rihanna’s make-up brand, Fenty. Now, Fenty has its own official Instagram page. Meanwhile, there is consistent promotion of this brand on her personal Instagram page as well. Rihanna will post videos of herself doing her own make-up with her own products. She wears her products to events, ceremonies, and everywhere else. This is authentic. When I see Rihanna able to use her product herself and wear it in public proudly, it makes me believe in the brand too. It means that I don’t need a professional make-up artist to do my make-up to have it look good. Rihanna stands by her creation. So I do too.

Unsuccessful Self Promotion

Just as there are good examples of self promotion, it can also be done poorly. For example, an unsuccessful use of self promotion is Kylie Jenner and her make-up brand. After a blip of success with her lip kits, Kylie started to branch out to new products. However, it had a negative effect on her brand. When she tried to self promote on her Instagram and cosmetics page, it was clearly inauthentic. This was especially prominent during her skincare line launch. The videos she posted to the Kylie Skin Instagram page were clearly staged. Immediately people pointed out inconsistencies. Fans called her out on not using the product in the video to wash her face correctly. Kylie looks uncomfortable to be using her product, as if she didn’t even want it touching her face. This resulted in a controversy, and bad publicity for her brand.

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