Spotify Wrapped: And Why It Worked

Spotify’s Campaign In 2017, Spotify released a campaign that was completely brand new to music streaming services. This gave users’ a personalized end-of-the-year summary of their music habits. It’s called “Spotify Wrapped”. Ever heard of it? Certainly, everyone has. My Reaction When Spotify started this campaign in 2017, I had just graduated high school. Also, […]

Why Emails Are Being Resurrected

Who even reads emails? Within the past few years, new marketing techniques have been introduced that compliment the latest and greatest technology. Meanwhile, companies are asking themselves an important question. Why continue to pursue emails? Emails no longer perform how they used to. It can be hard to justify using them as a marketing tactic […]

Just Click It

Display ads are one of the most common forms of advertisements on the internet today. Consumers see them when scrolling through social media, or visiting their favorite website, or even watching a video on Youtube. So, if there are so many of these littered throughout the vast expanse of the world wide web, how do […]

Conquer Google with SEO

After observing George Do’s video, which explores the concepts of expanding seed keywords, I believe that becoming #1 on Google’s search engine page is completely “do”-able… for most companies. Of course, with broad statements as such, there are going to be exceptions. George used a trekking pole as an example in his video, and showed […]