Company Authenticity in Self Promotion and Social Media

Self-promotion in companies is a prime concept for getting products and/or services out to the company’s clientele. In regards to authenticity, I think that companies should ease off on their self-promotion tactics in favor of being authentic because the companies might lose business if it turns out that some of their self-promotion claims are not what they seem. It makes the business untrustworthy in the eyes of the customer. This is when a company might meet with their marketing team so they can come up with new ways to self-promote that won’t jeopardize their authenticity.

As far a authenticity and social media is concerned, it can be close to impossible to be authentic on social media because even if a company’s Facebook post is 100% authentic, there are always ways that competing companies can alter that post as it moves through the ranks of any social media site. This would end up producing false content that would be seen by millions in the public. The lie eventually becomes believable if seen in all different platforms multiple times.

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