Businesses Advertising on Social Media is Okay

Social Media Advertisements

Social media is a wonderful tool that marketers have adapted to utilizing in order to further their business goals.Today, if you take a scroll through any social media site, you will find it littered with advertisements. However, does this hurt how people view social media or businesses that push their ads through this means? The answer is no.

Why is This Okay?

People today are somewhat immune to the content that is thrown our way on a daily basis. As social media users, we see ads all the time! In fact, Instagram pushes a sponsored advertisement every 4 posts. Most people do not know this! We mindlessly scroll through social media without really understanding what is being presented to us. It is true that we might be looking for something in particular, but we are exposed to ads nonetheless. 

Does This Ruin the Experience?

No! Like I said before, half the time we are so mindlessly immersed in what we are doing that we don’t fully understand everything being thrown at us. Not only that, but the advertisements are usually a result of pages we have previously visited or items that match what we like. They are specifically picked for every user – unique to every person’s social media experience. So, instead of disliking all of the ads, it is more likely someone will find an item they will like and enjoy.

Why Should Businesses Advertise on Social Media?

If it does not hurt the social media experience, why not? It can gain the attention of audiences that originally would not have known about the business. Not only that, but it will also generate sales. When a business is trying to get sales, I think that is authentic to them. That is at the heart of what a business does. There is no harm in doing it, so I believe it is perfectly fine for businesses to advertise on social media.

Is It Possible for Businesses to be Authentic on Social Media?

This is a good question. Personally, I don’t think it is possible to be authentic on social media. The authentic self is who you are in person. Social media can warp an image really fast. The things you say and/or write can and will be taken out of context, the images you post will be doctored by photoshop or some form of filter. Social media is not meant for authenticity. It is about providing content that people want to see. Well, that and making people think what you do is great.

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