Current Reports vs. Legacy Tools

The current reports tool and legacy tool are both very similar features. Legacy Tools is bit older and is a little bit older and outdated. Above the legacy tools information and links, its states “These tools and reports do not yet have a full replacement in new Search Console, but can still be reached at the links given below. The Search Console team is working on a replacement strategy for these items.” The Current Reports section is on the newer side, with updated information. Both are able to check certain aspects of your websites and give you information on how your site is performing.

The Benefits

As stated in the first paragraph, both of these features very similar. They both have their own benefits as well. The current reports tool comes with an overview page, which show you an overall view of your properties health. Its designed for those who aren’t familiar with SEO, and is useful for everyone. The current reports tool also has Removal Tools, which allows your website to block certain URLS. It also has an Association feature which enables your website to share data with popular platforms, such as Facebook and YouTube. A benefit of Legacy tools is it has International Targeting which allows you to set your search results in a certain country. Legacy Tools is also familiar wit a lot of older companies since it was around before the Current Reports feature.

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