What Site Tagging is and Why it is Useful

What is Site Tagging?

Tagging your site is a great way to track certain aspects of your site, and be able to figure out how to use the information to improve your site. Google Tag Manager is a great tool for this. Google is great at allowing you to measure and analyze in an organized way.

How Google Tag Manager Works

When using using Google Tag Manager, you can create tags to track anything you want. Whether you want to track a checkout page, pauses and plays on a video, or whether someone bought your product, Tag Management can help you track this. Instead of having to write code, you can just paste the code into the container. Additionally, Tag Management improves the load time of a sites pages. It eliminates the need for any developers. It’s easy to use without any help. Here is a video of Ryan Stewart, a Youtuber, that explains the benefits of Google Tag Manager and how it works.

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