Creating Custom Audiences

Finding Your Audience

The most important step regarding digital marketing is reaching your target audience. To figure out who this group is we have to look at peoples’ interests along with their past search history. Creating a custom audience is extremely necessary. Target audiences are created by looking that the age, demographic, gender, location, etc. to deliver information to the most interested users. “Targeting the right audiences helps resellers/agencies ensure that their advertisers’ ads are only being shown to audiences that are interested in purchasing their products/services.” One way that marketers can create a custom audience is with the audience affinity, specifically through the help of cookies within websites.

Audience Affinity

Audience affinity is defined as reaching users based on “what they’re passionate about and their habits and interests.” These custom audiences is very similar to this but it goes deeper by looking into their past searches and their intents on different websites. Hobbies and interests let marketers connect with their potential audience more personally because it forms a connection between them and the customer. Personally I do a lot of online shopping at lululemon so I am constantly seeing adds on all different apps and websites for lululemon products. I can speak from experience when I say that these ads draw me in because they appeal to my interests and my previous search history.

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