The Benefits of Using Google Tag Manager

Site Tagging and Behavior Tracking

When I first learned of the amazing tool that is the Google Tag Manager, it immediately sparked my interest. Simply due to the insights and value that it can provide to analysts and a company’s marketing department as a whole. For it allows you to track and ‘tag’ specific and unique behaviors on a website in order to gain a clearer picture of what users are actually interacting and engaging with in the form of clicks and scroll depth. Now, clicks can mean so many different things as it pertains to the website itself – ranging from the ‘add to cart’ button or simply clicking on a product image if you are tracking the behavior of a user on an ecommerce site for instance. But the implications for this behavior tracking is somewhat baffling and incredibly exciting; at least in my personal opinion. This allows for the actual viewing through these ‘site tags’ the way in which users are experiencing and leading themselves through your content. Which in turn, can give you insights into what is working or what might need some tweaking on your site.

Additional Uses and Insights

I’d be remiss if I failed to mention some of the other ways that implementing Google Tag Manager can provide even more information to analysts. Not only can it provide data about ecommerce through button clicks; but it can also show you if a video was played on your site or even if a pdf file was downloaded (as these count as clicks as well). These are especially important if you are trying to gauge interest for a specific program or event and want to include more valuable information to your marketing department then just pageviews or the bounce rate. As these data points show the actual engagement metrics and interactions within your website pages. I wholeheartdly recommend watching Julian Juenemann’s Youtube video that I will link here: That goes over button click tracking within Google Tag Manager; a very insightful watch that really helped me personally better understand the true value of this incredible tool.

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