Why Bother with Email Marketing?

Ever since its rise to popularity in the 1990’s, email has become one of the easiest ways for people communicate online, but recently the rise of technology has lead some marketers to believe that email is an antiquated and ineffective form of digital marketing. Contrary to this idea, I feel that developments in SEO, PPC and Display Ads have made email marketing more effective than ever.

How can a system created so long ago still be a valuable marketing tool today?

Email can still be a reliable way to generate leads and interest if a business is able to build a large email list of consumers who have demonstrated their interest into a product or service they provide. Using these lists, marketers are able to create different segments of their audience so they can send the right promotional information to the parties most likely to be interested by that information. Creating different ad audiences is a cost-effective way to get the most relevant information to the right consumers, which increases the likelihood of conversion and engagement.

Relevant content is what keeps emails from going straight to the spam folder

Why Do Emails Matter?

Despite some marketers having lost faith that email marketing does actually produce results, it is still a worthwhile marketing strategy that keeps the company in the mind of consumers. Building a large email list is the integral first step to success for any email marketing campaign, and gathers information from people who are explicitly interested in the business.

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