The correlation between content strategy and behavior reports.

What are behavior reports?

When an orgnazation is trying to expand, they have to fous on certain areas to gorw. When organzation realize content there are obvisouly people that like it, and some that dislike it. This causes orgnzation to look at what customers like, and what they dislike. This is where behavbior reports come into play. This helps cpompanies look at trends as to what customrs prefer. Behaior reports provide insite to alot of site data such as page views, and most viewed URLS and titles. Behavior reports, are what helps create flow models. Flow models are what shows the most popular parts a user uses on the website. This is tracked from any interaction on the wbsite, so it is a good way of tracking wheer users are more likley to go on the site.

Behavior reports in real life

After reading an article by Chad Reid titled, “How to Scale Your Content Marketing: Tips from Our Journey to 100,000 Words a Month, I learned a lot about the quality of content. The article talked about trying to released 100,000 words of content in a month which is a lot. But this company had a reason for wanting to do this. The more content that is released, the more they can learn. This helps them realize what works well and what doesn’t. Using behavior reports would allow them to track positives and negatives based on the flow charts. The more data that is given, the more accurate the results are. A quote from the article stated that, ” One benefit to creating as much content as we have is that we can really see what’s worked and what hasn’t”. This is basically what I have talked about, and how companies can use behavior reports in real life.

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