A Little SEO Off The Top, Please.

Are We Thinking Too Much?

SEO has swept the marketing sphere, changing the way people view digital. Chasing trends and new theories is what gets people tied up, says Andrew Dennis. The bare bones approach to SEO is content and links. Nothing more.

SEO starts and ends with content, and content starts and ends with good keyword research, according to Dennis. If you take your time and you are thorough with your keyword research, your content plan is foolproof. The core of SEO is simpler than it’s made out to be in many areas, and simplifying it could be the key to success. Over complication of this process is how things get lost, and likely how your content strategy will become less effective.

Behavior reports affect your content strategy heavily, or at least they should. If you can see that the title of your page is getting no hits as far as a keyword search, you should adjust the title so that your page hits when the most popular keywords are searched. This will increase traffic to your page and exposure to your name overall, moving you up the page.

Check out Andrew Dennis’s article below for more helpful tips on how not to overthink your SEO.


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