Bring Back the Catalog Thrill!

Remember as a kid sitting in the kitchen full of excitement circling everything you wanted for the holiday in the Toys R Us catalog? Let’s bring that back, but for adults! Contrary to popular belief, print media is still alive and serving many purposes when it finds its niche. One must think about the emotional connection that people have to print titles, and learn how to capitalize on it. It may need to be reintroduced to younger generations. JDLs decision to move their company online is of course wise, as younger generations have not become accustomed to print media as well as they have digital media. However, incentivzsing can create more appeal to getting new customers into our printed catalog.

I think the first way we can do so is by adding content into our catalog. Rather than just showing clothing, add lifestyle articles that relate to the consumer. Perhaps an article about ski season or fun ways to stay active, and then putting our clothing that would be related to the article at the bottom of the page. I also think we can put a few items in our catalog that have special codes and can only be unlocked on our digital page with the code from our print. We can even give coupon codes for random items that unlock a discount. Along with this, we can still make money by offering related print ads and coupons for other businesses with related products. If the print represents our brand and does more to bring in the new generation, I believe it would be a huge success. Bring back the excitement that this generation felt as a child!

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