PPC vs SEO Advertising

When you’re looking at advertising and what strategy is best for you or your company, deciding whether to use PPC or SEO advertising is very important. SEO, being the more organic, natural and free way to use advertising can save you a lot of money but the amount of time to find those results might take longer. I believe SEO search engines can provide you consistent notability amongst the market in whatever sector you are in but you’ll really have to embrace the journey because the user is coming across everything on their own, which can take time. PPC can bring more clicks, views or traffic in a shorter timespan but you are paying for each click you get so that starts to become difficult after a period of time.

Personally, I think if you have the money, a partnership or a connection that can provide you with a good amount of paid advertising then you should allocate that investment so you can obtain more traffic. Another thing with PPC is that with more spending on advertisement through Bing or Google, you are left with less money to spend on other facets of your site, product or business. PPC can be a very effective tool but shouldn’t be one of your main expenses for a long period of time because that can be very costly after awhile. PPC should be used on more of a short term plan or basis.

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