Using Lead Scoring to Find Valuable Leads

What is Lead Scoring?

Are you in the process of generating leads? If so, it is useful to know which leads are more likley to convert to buyers. A way to do this is use lead scoring. Lead scoring is a way of rating your leads based of things that make them more likely to convert like engagement, close rate, and behavioral data. As a marketer you want to focus on the leads that have the best score.

Online Behavoir

Among the many ways of lead scoring, customer online behavior is one of the most valuable. Online behavior can tell you a lot of information about valuable leads. You may be able to find what there downloading of your site, which pages they viewed, and other actions. It is up to some assumptions as to how much you value certain pages or behaviors, but these assumptions can still help you get better leads in the future. For example, if a lead stops listing you site after a certain period of time, then may want to value the score lower.

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