Value of Site Tagging

What are Tags?

Google tag manager is a tool that allows you to place “tags” on your website. A Tag is a way to code your website so you can monitor what users are doing on your website. You are able to track these things by establishing an “event” such as scrolling a certain amount, clicking something, or watching a video that is on your website. The reason tagging is important is because it gives marketers a competitive advantage. You are able to maximize your performance and fix things that may not be working.

How to tag:

The video below does a great job explaining how to tag for beginners (for click tracking). First you pull up Google Tag Manager and go to variables. Once you are there hit configure and then check the boxes under “clicks” that you would like to track. Then you set up a trigger for what you are looking to track. For example , the “Contact Us” button on your website. then you are able to set specific code to notify you when your trigger is targeting. As you can see this can be extremely valuable for a website builder to she how many users clicked “contact us” or whatever variable you set.

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