Can keywords earn you the #1 spot on a Google search page?

Is it possible to strategically use keywords to land your page in the number one spot on a google search page? While using keywords may be beneficial, I believe it is nearly impossible to get that number one spot.

Keywords are words or phrases used throughout a piece of writing that are deemed important and relevant to what that piece of writing is about or closely related to. They are placed in the keywords section of a blog post, article, webpage, etc. When used correctly, keywords help bring traffic to a page. The usage of keywords is crucial for getting your post noticed through the algorithm of a search engine.

But here is why I think it is nearly impossible to land a number one spot amongst Google’s algorithm through only keywords.

Your keywords alone might be good, however, they must be updated constantly. The internet is accessible to millions of people, so the odds of you being the only person writing about that topic are extremely low. Keeping your keywords updated will keep your post relevant. But those alone can not get you a top spot on a google search page.

Having conducted a short search on Google’s search algorithm, it is stated that Google does prioritize websites that remain on their good side. Any sites to “play the system” will be punished, as per Google’s words. Google’s algorithm is set to serve the people and work in their favor. Whether a web post made back in 2016 fits best or what you just wrote explains something better, it is the content and its accuracy plus the inclusion of strategic keywords that MIGHT land you a number one spot on a google search page.

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