Wegman’s and The Center for Youth

We at Wegman’s are partnering with The Center for Youth in order to provide housing and food for LGBTQ+ teens, who are turned away from their birth homes. The profits from the special LGBTQ+ line of reusable bags will be donated to the Center for Youth. This will help to renovate a new building into livable apartments for teens who have been turned away from their parents homes. We will also be using those profits to donate food to these shelters so that teens can have a healthy, balanced meal for breakfast lunch and dinner.

Furthermore, we will be sponsoring and assisting with Center for Youth events and charities. These charities will be held to raise additional funds for this cause. On the next page, we have listed the contact information for Center for Youth. If you, or someone you know, would like to find out how to volunteer at such events, check out the next page. Together, we can shelter and protect our community’s LGBTQ+ teens, who need us now more than ever.

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