Killer Ways to Target Your Consumer

Think Strategy:

Custom audience affinity is not new to marketing and Google Analytics. In fact, Facebook, Amazon, and Google have been using this method for awhile. Through Google Ads and Tag Manager we are able to look at exactly where our audience comes from, their interests, how long they stay on a landing page, and even how often they are looking of ways to quit their boring desk job (I would too, Karen). So how can we use this information to target our audience?

When should we use this?

Our main goal is to optimize 3 things: 1 – Branding, 2- Tailor real-time content to users, and 3- Increase market reach. Custom affinity allows for more control on Youtube or GDN, and acts best as a branding tool that offers a creative way to reach new users drive conversions. In your campaign research, you want to look at the composition of your audience (i.e demographics). Understanding this population allows you to tailor your content based on language, graphics, and technical sophistication. Geo goes hand-in-hand with this where you can know if you’re getting responses from your audience. For example, are our French viewers seeing our content and understanding and interpreting the message? Does our language and message connect with our “viewers” that are not American? Another usage to be considered is the technology that the user is connecting with. Is our message able to be viewed on every platform based off of the browser they are using and the device it is being used on?

Using custom affinity audience can ultimately optimize your brand awareness. In a highly competitive market, too narrow of a search can be what compares apples to oranges. When you use custom affinity audience you are helping your business to reach the market you WANT.

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