What Matters most in Lead Scoring

What is Lead Scoring?

Lead scoring is the process of assigning value to each lead that is generated for your business. Companies that use lead scoring can all have a different method of placing value to a lead, as they may value one action over another. An example could be placing more emphasis in terms of “points” to the sales team that made the call and received the connection with the client, then the actual action of selling that product. In addition a company may receive the information on how you came in contact with that company and then use the information to create a plan of how to increase the rate at which those leads in fact become customers. Many companies assign points by looking at past data and looking at the similarities of the leads that became customers and then how they were different then the leads that did not. This not only helps with bringing in more leads as customers through hammering that similarity, but also helps build a plan to get the leads who didn’t become a customer, to in fact become a customer.

What matters most?

The answer to the question of which method of data matters most, many companies have different views. Some companies may find that their sales team is the most important in understanding what brings in more customers, meanwhile others might believe looking at the analytics, or asking customers for their reasoning is more efficient. The most important method may be different for different companies based on size and scope of their market/company, but the combination of all three methods is the most efficient and should be pursued by all that have the necessary resources to pursue.

Below is an article that shows even more about lead scoring!


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