Targeting with custom affinity audiences.

What do custom affinity audiences do?

If you have a website, but are having trouble getting it out there for your target market to see, there are ways you can reach your targeted audiences. One of the most popular ways to do this is to create custom affinity audiences. Custom affinity audiences are something advertisers make to target groups of people that they feel would enjoy or use their products. These advertisers target their audience by using select keywords or phrases, and creating categories that can be used in the website URL. With doing this they can track consumers biggest interests in a variety of ways, to make sure your products reach where they should be. Users can be tracked on websites for periods of 1,7,14,or 28 days,and this is used to track their interests.

The impact custom affinity audiences can make on you’re company.

Custom affinity audiences can make a big impact on you’re company. Being able to see what consumers want and reach out to their expectations is a big advantage that companies can use. Say you’re selling basketball sneakers. You would probably want to advertise on sports websites such as the NBA website and Bleacher report. Not everyone viewing these sites is a basketball player or looking for sneakers, but there is definitely some audience on these sites. But using custom affinity audiences allows keywords to be put in place that can trigger the advertisements to show up.

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