I remember when I first saw this ad. It was on YouTube and I could have skipped after the 5 seconds were over, but I didn’t. Mainly because I related to the main character of the ad, and knew of friends in similar situations. It hit me hard knowing I was lucky enough to have a name and gender-based presence that was never questioned, I thought a lot about how it feels to be an LGBTQ+ member and not always be recognized by my own community because I don’t present myself a certain way. It was very validating seeing the ending where the main character could say their name and know that it won’t be questioned, that they are welcome, and they can enjoy a bit of peace with a warm drink.

I believe the goal of this ad was to push inclusivity and acceptance as a Starbucks standard. I definitely think they are known for this since they have a rather relaxed dress code, offer opportunities for minority communities in their workplace, and generally have a friendly cozy atmosphere. It reminds people that Starbucks will accept them no matter who they are and that is why they should purchase their coffee or food from that establishment. I truly think this is a successful campaign ad and received a lot of positive feedback.

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