Why Behavior Reporting is Essential in Content Marketing

What is Behavior Reporting?

New to using analytics in your career and life? Me too! Let’s figure this one out together. According to Western Washington University, “Behavior reports focus on how your visitors use and navigate your website. The primary metrics include pageviews, exit and bounce rates” (WWU, 2015). So, pretty self explanatory; behavior reports let analysts know how users are getting around their website and how they are interacting with different pages. Now, why is this important? Well, if your analysts don’t know how users are actually navigating a site, then how do you expect them to optimize your content and make sure that people are actually viewing your epic blog posts, or listening to your office’s latest podcast audio drama centered around analytics?

Utilizing Your Behavior Reports…

Now that we understand what behavior reports actually are, let’s try and leverage this new info in order to create better content and build our brand’s overall authority in the marketplace. Amanda Milligan from Moz.com shared some excellent ideas in this area, “Answer your audience’s questions.
If you’re not doing this, there’s virtually no way you’ll become an authority. People grow to rely on brands when those brands provide the information they’re looking for, so if your content marketing doesn’t incorporate those answers, you’re not demonstrating to your audience why they should trust you” (Milligan, 2020). Such a great way that any company can garner authority and respect; simply answer your consumer’s questions! Seems very simple but can be truly effective; even better is using your insights gained from your behavior reports, and trying to answer questions that you feel your users might be curious about. This way it’s no longer ‘a shot in the dark’ about which problems or issues they may want help solving, analysts can utilize proven data and metrics to recognize behavior patterns. Analytics is truly a beautiful thing, and who knows – maybe your analytics audio drama might hit number one on iTunes this month if you utilize behavior reporting!


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