Why is Tag Manager such an important tool?

What is Tag Manager?

Google provides countless tools to help companies and websites gain data that allows them to know more about their progress in creating the best constructed website possible. One of the tools Google provides for free is a program called tag manager. This program allows the user to create certain tags that will track events on your website. An event is just an action taking place on your site. However, these events can tell us a lot about how we are doing in conversions and reaching our goals. 

Tag manager works by allowing users to add tags to their website that tell google exactly what to track such as events. Along with the type of tracking you want it to do, you also specify exactly what, categories such as page scrolling, action such as page scrolling depth, and label such as the page url, to recognize and mark. You are even able to add a value. Once you have defined these, you can add a trigger that tells tag manager to start tracking your tags such as a person beginning to scroll on a page. The site connects seamlessly to google analytics for an easy analysis of these clicks, events and conversions.  You can learn more about how to use the tool in this video below:

Why use it? 

Funnel Visualization

So how does tag manager and tracking clicks help to create better websites? One way it helps is through funnel visualization once connected to analytics. When the data collected by tag manager is put into google analytics, it shows a visual and numbers for how many people you lost between events/clicks. Knowing where these users dropped off helps the company to better understand which section needs help. If they can optimize the page more efficiently, they can cut down on the percent of users lost between events.

For example, if you are tracking the clicks for add to cart and the clicks to actually pay, you can see how many people are putting items in the cart vs actually giving you your information and paying. If the ratio is alarmingly low, then you know you need to find a reason behind why customers might be leaving and how you can fix it. Tracking clicks and events also gives you a better idea of the attention each event is getting and which events need more time and energy invested in them. 

Key Performance Indicators

Tag manager also is super important in tracking our key performance indicators. These key performance indicators give us a better understanding of how we are doing in reaching our goals and getting conversions. Each event is an indicator of this. We can use these indicators to know what goals are not being met so we can work on a solution to getting them reached. 

Information from Events

We can learn alot about our website and consumers even through simple events such as scrolling down a page. How far our users generally scroll tells us a lot about the optimization of our page and if it needs improvement. Google makes it easy to collect this data and use it to your advantage for the various reasons mentioned above and more so I highly recommend taking advantage.

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